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Hi, I'm Alex

Although my Forbes article will say I’m a self-made millionaire now giving back and supporting women who want to start new businesses, the reality behind that truth is I’m a small-town girl who had big dreams that actually made them happen.

A mom of two, and running 3 businesses, my life journey entails showing what it takes to pursue your dreams.

Founder of Glam Seamless and She's First Gen. I'm self-made, I came from poverty, and with only $1,500 I raised from nannying, I turned my side hustle into an 8+ figure business. And for the last 5+ years, I've been helping hundreds of women transform, grow & scale their businesses.

I am now evolving once again, harnessing the power of my business expertise and life experience to enrich, influence, inspire and educate the lives of my community.

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What I Do

I am on a mission to help open up a world of possibilities for others—and to empower women to create a life of confidence and financial freedom by providing meaningful connections, sharing my experiences as an entrepreneur, products/places I love, tools, resources, exclusive details and deals to events/workshops, offering coaching and courses and providing a space for women to connect and network.

Let's Work Together

Interested in having me on your show, event, podcast, or promoting a product or event? Let's connect!

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How we can work together

I work with brands that have a shared mission of empowering women through education, opportunities, wellness/beauty, and community.

If you're interested in working with me, I have my own team of videographers, and photographers to capture high-quality, eye-catching, trending content in order to post and promote our collaborations on social media. I am also booking for in-person events, podcasts, interviews, press features, and international travel/promotion.

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